1 more week

We have been really busy with the house and the wedding, especially the house. From spring cleaning, to end work ceremony, to move in ceremony. There are just too many things to do! Then not long after, we had the Guo Da Li. And it all took place last week! Furnishing/cleaning the house is a never ending task. Hence, we have decided that our focus next week is our wedding. I can see the weariness in me when I looked at myself in the mirror. I need to replenish my sleep!

Finally, I can say that almost everything has been settled… I really appreciate the fact that dear dear will be on leave next week to handle the rest of the preparations. Thanks dear!

Btw: Invitation cards have been sent out! Please RSVP.

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Latest Status

The latest status showed that “Due to no one at home, the goods is kept”. Alamak, of course no one at home lah. I’m here!!!


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Wow! The goods are on their way!

I bought some clothes from a online store in Japan and they gave me the DHL airway bill. It’s the first time I made use of such service and I’m really impressed by how detailed they track the goods. It’s on the way!

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 02 11.17

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Spending and Spending

BIG BIG hole in our pockets now…

Lights – We belong to the practical type. Only requirement for lights is brightness! No spot lights, unless required. And yet, we spent more than $1000 on lights…

Toilet accessories – The basin, the taps, the stopper are all sold separately! A toilet bowl can be as expensive as >$1000. How long do you think you will seat on a toilet bowl?! Anyway, they add up to more than $2500 (inclu heater).

So friend, if you intend to get a resale flat like us, you will need at least $45k for the renovation works and carpentry for kitchen and some shelves. Furnitures and electrical appliances not included hor.

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Renovation 3rd day

Today is a special day. Happy Birthday my dear friend!

I’m sure everyone knows there are many things to take care of when it comes to renovation of the house. Besides the interior design and budgeting, you may want to consider the feng shui.

I’m never a fan of feng shui but I believe in cleansing the house before moving in. I know that everything is in the mind but I really feel good about the house after we perform the cleansing ceremony of our new house. Somehow, I felt at home after the ceremony…

I’m eager to see the outcome of the renovation! The renovation work started 2 days ago. Just 2 days and the whole house has almost everything tore down. And I meant it. We hacked everything except the kitchen wall tiles. Today is the 3rd day of renovation and they are already laying the living room floor tiles.

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Finally in production!

After more than 16 months of working on this project… the system is finally in production!


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Haven watch such a touching and meaningful drama for some time… You will need tissue every time you watch. Unlike typical TVB series this drama features a different aspects of the role of a coroner – conveying the voices of the dead to their loved ones.

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