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Haven watch such a touching and meaningful drama for some time… You will need tissue every time you watch. Unlike typical TVB series this drama features a different aspects of the role of a coroner – conveying the voices of the dead to their loved ones.

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Learning English

Recently, my mum took up an Advance English course offered by some Learning Hub . It is a 3 months course which costs $1,357, with $1300 sponsored by the government. At this difficult times, I’m really grateful to our government for sponsoring a lot of skills upgrading courses.

My mum was very excited about learning proper English and has high expectations. I even bought her a MP3 recorder to record the lectures, in case she can’t understand the teacher’s english since we are are so used to Singlish.

It turned out that the recorder has no use at all. She understood the lecture without any difficulty… since the teacher speaks Singlish as well. From my Mum’s feedback, she is more Singaporean than my mum. All sentences end with “leh”, “lor”, “lah” and start with “Eh”, “Ah”.

Here’s a passage which my Mum copied in class. It is supposed to illustrate the use of adverbs.

” I can’t stand doing nothing. I really hate holidays where people lie on the beach all day. I can’t understand it. I absolutely love doing exercise so I get up early everyday and run for ten kilometers before breakfast. I’m not very keen on team sports like football. When I go on holiday, I do water-sports like surfing and sailing. I quite like walking and cycling too.”

No wonder my Mum is disappointed.

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