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Relieved and great sense of achievement

It was a disruption from my normal routine of work… it was something which I’ve been wanting to do but did not get a second chance. More than 1 year ago, I was given the opportunity to conduct a short presentation to the users, but I did not dare to since I was totally not prepared. Luckily, I was given a second chance, this time with more than 1 week of preparation time.

Last week, I conducted a 3 days training to a group of users. It was not a big group, but they had high expectation of the course since we are expensive… I’m glad I pulled it through somehow. Successfully conducted the training and received good feedback from them.

I was really relieved. This is a stepping stone. My boss had plans to let me conduct more trainings to the users but did not want to confirm yet. I guess he is waiting to see my performance before he made any commitment. Anyway, I was really relieved and had a great sense of achievement now. Of course, I still have to face my large stack of backlog tomorrow. But, for once, I think it’s great to do documentation. (As compared to conduct training…)

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3rd week of 2009

Yeah! It is the 3rd week of 2009 and I have fulfilled one of my new year resolution!

I enrolled myself into beginners violin course at Yamaha, even bought myself the cheapest violin I can find there. I’m really excited about the first lesson, but that will take place only in Feb. Meanwhile, I need to work more overtime to clear my backlog before Chinese New Year…

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Will you employ contented people?

I read an article which made me a bit worried.  The writer wrote that her boss will never employ contented people because to him, they lacked drive and ambition.

Hmm… Although we all like higher salary, faster promotion and lesser work, but I’m quite contented with my current job. At least I don’t foresee myself looking for a new job 1-2 years time. I wonder if my boss thinks that I lacked drive and ambition. Btw, my Mum thinks that I should not be too easily contented as well.

Luckily, there is another side of the coin. Quoting the writer,

“the same dissatisfaction that was supposed to drive someone to work harder also drove him to keep politicking, temper tantrums when a colleague was promoted above him and incessant grumbles at the water cooler. “

That reminds me of a comment given by my boss during performance evalution. He thought I’m rather happy working in the company and enjoys coding, at least on the appearance. He’s 80% percent. I’m happy working in the company, but there’s 1 colleague which irritates me now and then. I enjoy coding but if my job is all about coding I will leave really soon. I enjoy communicating to the users and doing some design work as well. Because my current job does include all these, I’m happy.

No matter how we portray ourselves, I think being positive is important. A positive person will bring positiveness to his surroundings.

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New Year 2009

New Year resolution can be bad for me… according to some research, but I still want to set a few goals.

In 2008

The greatest achievement is of course, I’m married to my dearest husband on the 7th Sept!

It was a year filled with challenges and opportunities. My company has expanded from 6 of us to the current 17 employees, and 19 next month. I was lucky to be given the opportunity to take on the role as a team lead. They did not have much choice since out of the 6 of us, only 2 of us are developers. That made us the most experienced developers among the other new hired developers. Ha ha. There was not too much technical challenges but more of gaining trust and respect from my users. According to my boss, right from the beginning, my users has raised their concern that I’m too young and inexperienced. Initially, I was more like a secretary to my boss. In meetings, I simply took notes and did not give any opinions or asked any questions. After the first phase delivery, I got to interact more with the users and began to gain their trust. My biggest achievement is to gain the respect of the manager, who never talk or even look at me in meetings until the first phase delivery.

Last but not least, I finally completed my master. It was a dreadful 2 years… never going back to NUS again. Notice I said NUS, because I do not rule out the possibilities of taking courses in SMU, SMA etc. Ha ha.

So what about 2009?

1. Learn to take care of my loved ones.

2. To initiate more outings with friends, find back my long lost friends!

3. To take on the role as a system architect role, learn to handle users and talk with confidence. I must learn to pause and think before I speak.

4. To renovate my new house, within budget, without conflicts with hubby or family.

5. To carry out the traditional wedding smoothly… more importantly no conflict with hubby or family. (I’ve heard of too many stories… wedding preparation can sometimes lead to heaty quarrels with Mummy or hubby)

6. To take up violin lesson

7. To slim down a little to prepare for wedding photo taking.

8. To read more widely.

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