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Bloody Monday, one of the most exciting drama!

Oh my god… every episode is exciting and filled with surprises. Filled with twists and actions. Must watch! Must watch! I just watched episode 3, didn’t expect the spy to be this person!!!

Ah… can’t wait for the next episode.

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Stop wasting paper, DBS!

I’ve been receiving credit card statements from DBS (a bank) for several months, although I’ve terminated the card. So I decided to read what it’s about.

It wrote:


Your account has been cancelled. Please settle the outstanding balance, if any, immediately.

Previous Balance                                                               0.01CR

Total:               0.01CR

Please settle this statement promptly. If minimum payment is not received by “Payment Due Date”, a late charge of S$45 per account will be levied.


** CR = Credit => It’s the bank who owes me money.

DBS out there, kindly settle this outstanding balance immediately, including the $45 late charge and STOP wasting paper!

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Bloody Monday

I just watched the first episode of Bloody Monday and I must say it’s superb! Fantastic! Judging from the first episode, I think it’s as good as death note. The first episode is almost like a movie, although it’s a 11 episode drama. I just can’t wait for the subbed version!

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