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xxxHOLiC Kei

The season 2 of xxxHOLiC is out! This time it is named xxxHOLiC Kei.

If you have read the manga, I’m sure you know about the exciting episode of Watanuki losing his right eye… yeah, it’s all in this season!

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五月天 – 回到地球表面!

Woh woh! Super good concert!

Non stop for more than 3 hours! The most worthed-while concert I’ve been. Everyone’s jumping, I wonder why I need to buy a seat.

Dear took lots of pictures during the concert. Here’s his post.

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I realized I have not blogged for a long long time…

So what have I been doing, besides writing complaint letters?

I was busy with my course work, (reports and term papers), and also sourcing for the ROM and banquet venue. Now finally everything is more or less settled!

Dear friends, if you have plans to get marry next year or ROM this year, better book early.

We had a difficult time looking for the venue even though we are 1.5 years early. The problem we had is that we did not want to hold our wedding in a hotel. We thought the high class ones were too expensive and the mid range ones were not as good as restaurants… So we focused our search on restaurants. Fortunately we found a restaurant which fits most of our criteria last wee. Beer, chair cover, invitation card, carpark coupon, wine, door gift, decorations… are included in the package. As for the ROM venue, if you want to hold it in a private function room, do remember to book early. We are 5 months early and yet many of our shortlisted restaurants were already booked.

Anyway, I felt relieved now that the venues are settled. I guess I should give more attention to my last exam now… Yeah!!!! It will be my last paper! No more night classes! Hurray!

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Complaint to StarHub

This is my latest complaint letter, written out of anger.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m really curious about the billing/account systems in Starhub. I’m utterly impressed with how long Starhub takes to return some the credit amount to your customers. We, the customers are given 10 days to pay our bills, but Starhub took more than 3 months to process a simple cheque to return to their customers.

My last bill is in January 2008. I paid the full subscription fee although I terminated the MaxOnline services in the middle of the month. Just to make sure, I gave a call to the hotline and was assured that they will send me the credit amount via a cheque after 2-3 weeks. Then after more than 1 month, nothing came. So I called again on the 16th March 2008. Then I was told that they had overlooked and will process the cheque immediately and told me to wait for another 2-3 weeks to get the cheque.

Ok, I understand that I’m no longer a StarHub customer, so I was given lowest priority. But doesn’t StarHub understands that I had become your POTENTIAL customer now? Anyway, I waited patiently again. 6th April 2008, I called again and was told that the cheque has been processed and will be sent out soon. When asked how soon is soon, I was told that it will take at least a week. If I didn’t receive by next week, call the hotline again.

So exactly HOW long is required for Starhub to process a cheque? (I’m worried about your business processes) How can you expect your customer to pay the bill within 10 days when you took more than 3 months to process a cheque?

A word of advice, customers left for a reason and you don’t have to reassure them that they had made the right choice.

Thanks and Regards,

Initially, I wanted to post this comment via their online feedback form, but I got this stupid error message of “you have exceeded 1500 characters”. If that is the case, don’t provide me with such a large writing space lah! So I emailed them instead. (

I’m beginning to see the Singaporean characteristic in myself. Complain and complain.

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New office!

I’ve moved!

Not to my new house, but to my new office.  Thankfully, I’m still in town. I like my new office, it’s big and spacious, new, clean etc. Most of the facilities are ready.

But we are missing something really important.




Ha, so now I’m at StarBucks, checking my mail, transferring files etc and blogging. (Yesterday we were at Mac) So can you imagine the whole lot of us just walked into Starbucks, order a coffee, sit down and switch on our laptops… I thought it’s kind of funny.

Now, I really appreciate Wireless@SG.

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