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JiangNan tour – 心情打开,钱包也打开

Shanghai Background

Shanghai is divided into puxi (浦西) and pudong(浦东) by the huangpu river (黄浦江)。Puxi is the old shanghai while pudong is the new Shanghai. Without doubt, all the tall buildings are in Pudong. Since our trip is an economical one, our hotel is in Puxi…

南浦大桥 (Nanpu highway)

It’s quite a spectacular highway, it is 7 storey and winds its way down like a nail.


I must say it’s a true tourist attraction shopping place. Nice architecture.

小笼包 – Our first breakfast in China.


南京路 – Their famous shopping street

A well-known local brand.

苏州 – 新加坡工业园
A place which will definitely rings a bell to all Singaporean. There are lots of condominium there, a heavenly place to stay in.

Even the roads are named after Singapore.

乌镇水乡 – 威尼斯水乡

A very beautiful old town.

Madame Tussauds Shanghai

Andy Lau!!!

Princess Diana

Shanghai Night view.

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Current office view…

Click to expand…


We are moving soon… of course, it’s because of the rental. haha.

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My special birthday card


This is the most special birthday card I received in my life!  It is drawn by my 5 years old nephew. So sweet… so cute!!! Feel like hugging him now! Ryan, thank you so much.

* Special thanks to his mum (my cousin) for helping him to draw the bubble words.

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Persona Trinity Soul

Good news!  Found one new anime which looks promising, at least the first episode is interesting and I am waiting eagerly for the next episode.

Persona Trinity Soul 


Notice the translucent figure behind the guy?

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Interesting Images of 江南游 (JiangNan Tour)

A sign in the toilet.


The biggest Coke.


Even Pig’s nose is edible…


This one is not interesting but sad…


(The man went around with the monkey to beg for money. Notice the monkey has only 1 leg. It’s holding onto the chain on its neck with one hand…)

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Happy 2008!

I feel refreshed! It’s the first day of work in the year 2008.

I came back from my 8 days Jiangnan tour yesterday. Spent my last minute of 2007 on the plane. I was expecting some form of count-down led by the pilot or the cabin crew (or even a small souvenir), since it’s a SQ plane. But there was nothing. Nobody on the plane bothered to welcome the new year. So disappointing…

Of all the things I bought, I’m most satisfied with the DVDs. Ha, I bought 1 Hong kong, 1 Korean and 1 Japanese drama series.

Wish all my friends a healthy and wealthy 2008.

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