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Further now

Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends on the Oct 28. Now I am SEVEN hours ahead of my team in headquarters… The miserable wait for them to start working…

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There are 4800 applicants and I got queue number 2572…

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Busy busy busy

The past few weeks had been quite busy. Busy with assignments, work and looking for flats. Weekends became my flat viewing days. Sigh… the timing is all wrong. The property market is crazy! They are demanding >50k of cash for flats in AMK/Bishan area. OMG, these flats are >20 years old leh! I just want to stay near my parents lor…

There are too many things to consider for a resale flat…

Evaluation price, cash, direction of sun, condition of house, how much to renovate, direction of door, level, neighbors, leaking water pipes, distance from MRT, distance from market, resale value, background of the owner, loan sharks, windy or not etc… and everyone’s opinions!

So I thought it might be a better idea to apply for new flats afterall… I tried my luck for the HDB Bi-monthly sale, results will be released tomorrow. I hope I get a very good queue number because there are only 18 units to choose from and more than half is on the 2nd floor. Keep my fingers crossed.

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Darker Than Black Final



I watched the final episodes and the ending left me with lots of ??? …

It’s really a solid anime, with lots of twists and suspense. They tried to explain and link everything in the first 23 episodes in the last 2 episodes. It’s too much for me! Ahh… I’m not satisfied with the ending!!! What happen to Hei! It definitely seems lie there’s going to be a second season, and I really hope there is…

Nevertheless, I would give 4.8/5 for this anime! Besides One Piece, this is the only anime that I’ve been following closely. Highly recommended!

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Mid Autumn Festival 07

It was a special mid autumn festival this year. Besides having the regular snow-skin mooncakes from Raffles Hotel and durian mooncakes from Marriott, I went to the Chinese Garden with my Ang Mo colleagues. It was an eye opener for them. I myself have not been there since I was a primary school kid. So I had a lot of fun taking pictures and carrying the free lanterns.

This year theme was “Marine Life”…



The best display was the 8 immortals “crossing” the sea


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