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All the good food I have eaten in Goteborg

Typical Swedish Dessert, herring with wine and cheese.

Other types of desserts…

Their main dishes.

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I’m back in Singapore!


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Back to Goteborg!

Empty go, FULL back.
11kg go, 17 kg back.

It is sooo good to be back… although I am even more excited about going back to my REAL home on Thursday!

This song is ringing in my mind right now…
“My Singapore, the place that I called my home… ”
Ha, never felt so patriotic before.

Quick updates

The Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii), one of the most prominent landmarks of Istanbul. What is unique about this mosque is its 6 minarets.

Called Hagia Sophia in Greek, Sancta Sophia in Latin, Ayasofya in Turkish, it was built on the site of Byzantium’s acropolis by Emperor Justinian (527-65 AD) in 537 AD.

It was a church…

but converted to mosque…

now a museum.

Yup, Formula One was at Istanbul that weekend! But I didn’t get to see it of course. Just spotted a bus which brought people there.

It was incredibly hot in Istanbul! 35 degrees. No clouds at all!

We went to one of the beach of Black Sea. My first remark when I saw the sea is, “Why is the black sea not black?”

I was out in the sun for more than 3 hours, under the direct sunlight, busy looking for shade but can’t seem to find any. I thought it is really ridiculous to pay an entrance fee to the beach. And it is not cheap at all! Around SGD10 dollars per person and you are only allowed to swim in the small beach. There’s a guy in the water on the look-out, blowing his whistle to ensure that no one swims across to the big beach.

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Woh! Good service award.

Good service award goes to Citibank!

It was a great contrast. (If you know which bank I’m comparing with…) I received my replacement card today, just in time for my trip tomorrow. Thank you sooo much! Not only did they send it to my company, as requested, they couriered it to me when I told them I need the card urgently. From calling them to receiving the card only took 3 working days! 3 cheers for Citibank!

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Still so empty…

For the first time, I am having difficulty packing my luggage because it is way too EMPTY.  It’s not even 25% full.

I will be going away on a business trip for 1 week and the only luggage case I have is meant for 3 months. It’s a bit embarrassing to use this big luggage case for a 1 week trip, but no choice… the luggage bags sold here are extremely expensive and I can’t claim for it.

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Concert at my doorstep

It’s the annual Goteborg Culture festival. During the festival, a packed programme of entertainment (dance and music) on stages and venues in the heart of the city.  And one of them is just at my doorstep! It’s a six day event, I expect more events in this coming weekend. Yeah.

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Woh! Rainbow!

 What a big rainbow!

From its left…

it stretches…

all the way down!

I was so excited that I message my colleagues who are living in this region. It really brightens up my day!

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