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The little red dot is home to the world’s fastest-growing millionaire population… Altogether, the total number of millionaires here hit 66,660 last year

What!!! I’m being left behind!

Very soon, there will be an extremely big income gap in Singapore, with majority of the burden on the middle-income.

I wonder what will be the number when the economy goes downhill…(touch wood, but that’s part of the economy cycle).

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Maypole Exhibit

No one pays any attention to this exhibit and I felt awkward when I took out my camera and took a picture of it.

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3 “weird” things about Python language

I’m supposed to study Python and do the exercises this weekend, but it’s really difficult to study at home… with so much distractions and the lazy and comfortable environment… Anyway, I listed 3 weird things about Python (in my opinion, after 1 day of exposure).

About Python

1. Indentation matters.
instead of brackets, they use indentation.

2. a += b is not equal to a = a+b
For example,
a = [1,2]
a += b
// a is now [1,2,1,2], and b also [1,2,1,2]
but if we replace “a+=b” with “a=a+b”
then a is [1,2,1,2] but b is still pointing to the “old” a, [1,2]

3. a and b does not evaluate to bool (true or false)
instead it returns a if a is false else b.
a or b returns a if a is true else b.

All these 6 six weeks, I’ve learnt and been trying to get used to code this new modeling language and now I’m trying to pick up another language! Ah… it’s confusing. It’s like asking a OO programmer not to think OO.

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It’s mid summer holiday today!

Yeah, don’t be envious. It’s a non working day in Sweden again!

I want to go out and participate the mid summer celebrations… but it has been raining since last night.

But then again, how can a Singaporean be trapped in the house because of a small drizzle?

— going out now.

Thanks Sivasothi for providing the link, I got to understand the significance of Mid Summer celebration more. Read this article for more info about mid summer and here about the maypole.

For most Swedes, and most foreigners fortunate enough to experience it, it is simply the best party of the year.

Sadly, no one invite me the party and I was too lazy to travel all the way to the park since it’s raining.

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My 1st movie in Goteborg

It was an last minute invitation, but since my colleague is so kind and I’m free anyway, I went to watch a movie which I had no idea what it is.

Of course, I made sure it’s in English before I agreed.


Earl Brooks (played by Academy Award winner, Kevin Costner) is a loving family man and a local business icon. But Mr. Brooks is deeply flawed and very aware of it. He is addicted to killing. Struggling with his pathology, he tries to quit, but his alter-ego, “Marshall” (played by Academy Award winner, William Hurt), has an altogether different idea. “Marshall” enjoys his “existence” and his “work.” — Source taken from

It was a real creepy but excellent show! Twists here and there and a bit bloody at the end but you will not be bored throughout the show. I’m really relieved when I stepped out of the movie theater and the sky is still bright.

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The Inside Story of the Ship Goteborg

Really impressed with the power of internet…

A volunteer crewman on the ship Goteborg, Seaotter, read my blog and contacted me! As I mentioned in my previous blog, this ship has traveled to Singapore a few months ago…. and Seaotter was on board!

After looking at his pictures taken on the ship, I am surprised that there are so many crews on board with a fair number of females. =>

Guess what are the places they visited when they are in Singapore? He he, Bukit Timah Hill (nature lovers indeed). I thought Singapore is only known for her Sentosa and pink dolphin.

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Excellent service award 2?

-drum rolls-

The excellent service award is rewarded to DBS credit cards. (As of yesterday)

I received an email from a staff in DBS credit team. And he informed me that they have detected some overseas transaction on my card which may be suspicious. They tried to call me to verify but couldn’t reach me. (Since I’m using a local number here) They temporarily placed my card on referral until I contact them.

I was impressed by how fast they react to this. I was booking a hotel in a website (which they think is suspicious) and tried to purchase train tickets online a few hours later and got rejected. I thought it was some technical fault then. And indeed, the site is suspicious, I’ve only placed reservation for the hotel and they are not supposed to charge me until I checked in!


I got their reply and said that the transaction has been approved! @^%&%@#$%^& Why did they ask me for permission to approve it and then approve it without my permission????!!!!!!


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