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Police on Horses

Weird. [photo taken near the central station of Goteborg]

I’m not sure what’s the special day, but there are many policeman patrolling along the streets. Of course, not all of them ride on the horses.

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What are they queuing for?

Singaporeans out there, what comes to your mind when you see this? Intuitively I asked my colleague, “what are they queuing for?” and my colleague laughed and said it was a typical Singaporean remark.

You will think it’s some kind of free gift, but surprising… they are queuing to take pictures or signature of a singer! I don’t hear any screams or see any mats on the ground where people queued overnight… But, he’s really handsome!

Måns Zelmerlöw

Hey, I heard his song Cara Mia on the radio. At least twice every night…

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Deng deng! Presenting the main tourist attraction of Goteborg… Liseberg!

It’s a place for everyone! An amusement park. But what’s special about it is the rides are integrated and go over each other. One of the rides where all the screams are coming from is the big swing!

I took this picture below a safety net below the BIG swing. Ha, on the net there are some soft toys.

Another famous ride is the wooden roller coaster, called Balder. Yes, it’s made of wood!

The only ride we took is the boat around the park. Most of the time it moves peacefully, but there are a few exciting slides, where you can get really wet. There are 3 of us in the boat, so the boat was tilted at the back, and I was quite wet after the ride. But it was extremely fun!

One of the slides… so fast that the picture is blurred.

My nice colleague YH treated us ice-cream! Yum yum…

Another enjoyable programme is the live band performance. The songs they played make people dance with them.

Here are some of the other rides.

Found something interesting in their souvenir shop.

A tall and skinny water bottle.

It’s fun here! (Provided you enjoy taking those rides.) A nice change for me after shopping for the past 2 weekends.

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It’s only 2 weeks and I’ve completed 2 Japanese drama series and is half way through my third series. (I brought a hard disk filled with animes and 6 drama series.)

One of the series is Attention Please. Ha, it happens to have the same theme as my work. It’s about the training to become a cabin crew.


And the leading male actor is Nishikido Ryo, the nice guy in 1 litre of tears.



Anyway, I’m watching Hana Yori Dango 2 now. (Japanese version of Meteor Garden)


And I love its theme song, Flavor of Life by Utada Hikaru.

Here’s the lyrics.

Lyrics & Music: Utada Hikaru

the flavour of life, the flavour of life

焦れったいの何のって baby

the flavour of life, the flavour of life




the flavour of life



the flavour of life, the flavour of life

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Lazy Saturday

Supposed to go Liseberg, but plan was canceled last minute. After doing my laundry, I decided to go shopping and had my lunch. I want to buy a jacket during their spring sales!

What a nice weather! Of course, I should not be at home.

I’m glad I’m staying in the shopping district in Goteborg. I conquered one of the small streets today. (I define small street as those where there’s no cars or trams)

When you are inside, you can’t see outside and there’s no tall buildings… hence I limit myself to walk straight.

There’s really nothing much to shop. Every 200 meters you see the same chain store. Common brands are H&M, KappAhl, Joy, Lindex, Wedens… Within walking distance, I saw 4 H&M and 4 KappAhl, 3 Lindex and 2 Wedens… Oh my god, it’s only my second saturday here…

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Welcome Dinner-part 2

The welcome dinner was really enjoyable and even an eye opener for me.

Each of us is supposed to be in charged of some dishes, and I was assigned to prepare “starter” with a colleague. Besides starter, there’s main course, dessert and drinks, which is different kind of alcohol and beer. Luckily, that colleague had a recipe in mind and said he will take care of the ingredients. So at 630pm, we gathered at the project manager’s house and start to cook!

That recipe is really complicated. We took about 2 hours to prepare the starter. I’m impressed with the fact that all the guys are great cook. And the ladies helped out with cutting and washing. Ha ha, who says man cannot cook!

It was 9pm when we finally sat down at the dining table and start our dinner. The main course was moose meat with mushrooms, potatoes and some secret ingredients. The dessert was strawberries soaked in red wine. Unfortunately, I can’t drink. (I will become a lobster with just a few sips)

They have a really healthy eating habit. After the main course, the project manager suggested to go for a walk. So we took a stroll around the neighborhood. Along the way, we talked and played games. They are really friendly and fun loving. Fortunately, one of the female colleague, who is a Chinese, lived around my apartment and we went back together.

Looking forward to work with them. =>

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Welcome Dinner

I’m looking forward to tomorrow gathering with my new project mates. Though I have not started work in the project, the project manager is holding a kind of welcome dinner cum project milestone celebration tomorrow. It’s my first outing with them and I hope to know more colleagues. Interestingly, there’s 2 Chinese in the company, excluding Singapore team, and one of them is working in this project. Yeah.

I need to search for the map to find my way there… will update about the dinner tomorrow.

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