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Stay in Goteborg (Sweden)

I will be leaving for Goteborg for 3 weeks training, followed by another on-the-job training which will likely last about 3 months. I’m keeping my fingers crossed since I have not got my work permit yet.

Nevertheless, any suggestion on where I can visit during my weekends? I know I should visit Stockholm, I also plan to visit the Legoland in Denmark.  Sadly I can plan short trips .

April 29, 2007 at 1:27 pm 3 comments

Death Note – Ep 28

This anime never disappoints me. Every episode is so exciting and unpredictable. I wonder what will happen now that the notebook has ended up in another “kira’s” hands.  It’s truely a battle of all the super intelligent people now.

The first time I see Kira totally defeated.


I think Light is being cornered now. Another Shinigami coming! Will he help him?


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Good service award!

Ha, after complaining about the Trendy Zone after goods service, I have a phobia in exchanging goods. I bought a Japanese Drama VCD set yesterday and started copying the files into my computer for future viewing. I have trouble copying the first disc. However, I am able to play it on the VCD player. Though I doubt the shop will exchange this disc for me (since it’s working fine if they were to test it on the VCD player), I still went to try my luck.

To my surprise, the shop assistant changed the disc for me without further questioning or testing. Woh! They trust their customers! I was rather impressed. Thumbs up!

Good service award for you. Poh Kim ( Junction 8 )

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Exam tomorrow?

I’ve got to change!

Tomorrow is my first paper! But I’m not putting in effort to study. It’s a management subject and hence “impossible to study“.

On the other hand, I’m anxious about completing the assignment (a mini task), given to us by our mentor. It’s simple task of converting a data file into another format to be loaded into our system. It is designed to help us pick up Python and have a better understanding of the system along the way. Sounds interesting enough, but problem is the same task is given out to all 3 of us and it felt like a competition. Time flies when I’m in the office. We had long sharing sessions everyday, to make sure we are on the right track. A totally different working culture, compared to my previous company.

April 23, 2007 at 9:28 pm 3 comments

Death Note – Ep 27

Here comes the M&N.

When there’s only “L”, the name sounds cool. Now that there’s “M” and “N”, it kind of makes it lame.

“N” (left) is the successor of L, so he does has a bit of his aura. But “M”(right) is like Kira. Very smart but ambitious.


I like the ending scene. L has chained Kira!


April 21, 2007 at 9:46 pm 1 comment

Mushishi Movie

I was so excited over the Mushishi Movie (thanks berowl for informing me), thinking that it is an extension of the movie. But, it turned out to be a live action of Mushishi.


Ginko in the anime is quite good looking. But Ginko in live action movie is kind of scary… although it is a fact that he has white hair and only 1 eye.

Looking forward to see it on YouTube. hehe. Here’s the trailer.

April 20, 2007 at 9:35 am 1 comment

Darker than Black ep 2

Woh, this anime is indeed interesting. Full of twists!



In fact, he’s not that evil after all, although he’s a Contractor. (Contractor are killing machines in the show.)

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