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Yomigaeru Sora – That one may live

“That one may live” is the theme of the story from episode 10 to 12. It’s about a team of mountain climbers trapped in the snow mountain due to the bad weather. One of the team members, who is a new member, lost his foot and slipped down a slope. His leg was twisted as a result. When the rest of team went down to rescue him, they could not call for help since that area had no reception. 2 of the members then walked up the mountain to call for help. The other member remained to take care of the injured. As the weather got worse, even though they managed to contact the police, the rescue effort was delayed and called off several times.

The theme of this episode, is about making decisions at critical times. At one time, the rescue team’s pilot chose to call off the rescue effort even though they spotted the survivor. They tried to send down the medic but the helicopter could not maintain its balance due to the strong wind. Between saving the survivor and risking his men lives, the pilot chose the later.

In the end, out of the 4 members, only the leader survived. The rest were frozen to death. The leader was the one who made the decision of setting off even though he knew there’s a possibility of strong wind. So does he have the right to live? (That’s another theme of this episode)

A very sad but mature and realistic anime!

4 1/2 golden stars for it! (The 1/2 star is taken away because all the characters looked alike. Really cannot differentiate them, except from their voice. The voice for Uchida fits his character. Soft spoken and a man of few words.)

Episode 12 seems like the last episode, but it is not. There’s a total of 13 episodes. I wonder what they are going to show on the last episode…

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Bokura ga Ita Ep 5 – soooo sweet…

This anime is very beautifully drawn. It’s all about the feelings and thoughts experienced during first love, although it is a bit too magical and fairy-tale to be true. However it is still worthed watching!

First date – Watch movie and hold hands…

First present – What Yano wants for Christmas is a promise by Nana that she will never leave her.

A couple which started off by having fun argueing with each other.

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Honey and Clover Ep 8 – Not what I thought

The last scene in episode 7 shows Hagu lying on the floor with pieces of blood-stained glasses. I thought she committed suicide. However, it was an accident. Due to the accident, she had 13 stitches on her right hand and 10 stitches on her head. Typical of most drama, it was a tragic accident. The nerves on her right hand are cut and most probably she cannot draw with her right hand. In the beginning of the episode, we are told that Hagu would choose to die if she could not draw again…

What really touches me is the last scene again. When Takemoto and Yamada wept outside the ward while Shuu-chan tells Hagu her condition.

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Suga Shikao – must know him

Song title Anime
koko ni Iru Koto Honey & Clover II  
Room 201 Honey & Clover  
Ougon no Tsuki Honey & Clover  
Ayakashi no Izanai xxxHOLiC Movie  
Yubikiri Honey & Clover  
Sorosoro Ikanakucha Honey & Clover  
Tsuki no Naifu Honey & Clover  
Kiseki xxxHOLiC Movie  
Sanagi xxxHOLiC Movie  
August Serenade Honey & Clover  
Hakou Honey & Clover  
19 sai xxxHOLiC  

All these songs are sang by him!

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I think I’ve attained an unbelieveable level.

Ha, I myself can’t believe it.

I was practising the organ when I suddenly see red. My thumb was bleeding (at the corner of the nail). Yeah, it’s that ill-fated thumb of mine. Sad to say, its growing process is not smooth. The tip of my thumb nail is growing into my skin. I’ve cut it really short already, I wonder why I still feel some pain on the side.

Anyway, I’ve recorded one of the songs I’m preparing for exams on the EL90, using a MP3 player. There are a lot of background noise but can still hear the song vaguely. The title of the song is “Voyager” and I think it is from the Star Trek theme.

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Rescue Wing ep 10-12 is out!

Can’t wait to go home and on my computer… If only I have a remote control which allows me to not only on my computer, but also launch some applications. Maybe this feature can be added to 3G phone… Ha ha. Crazy.

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Honey and Clover II Ep 7 – Cliff Hanger

This episode is a slow paced but touching one. Here, we get to know Morita’s childhood and understand finally know why he had always worked so hard for money. He and his brother, Kaoru, are gathering funds to buy back their father’s research company. Kaoru felt inferior to Morita because he is not as talented as Morita.

At the end of this episode, there is a strong hint that something bad is happening. This is the last scene.

What a cliff hanger.

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