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SuperBand 翻身赛

Just checked the superBand website, there’s going to be a 翻身赛 this week. Oh no… my 3 favourite teams are going to fight it out, Juz-B, 使诺鼻 and 迷路兵 no… I dun know which team to support now.

I think its really very taxing on the participants, every week must find a song, arrange and practise… dun they need to work/study??? The longer the show drags on, the more tired the participants will be and the more impatient I get and the less interest I have in watching. 

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千金百分百 – 我最新的娱乐

台湾偶像剧 – 千金百分百

最近我老爸怪怪的。 从来不看电视的他,近来居然追看大长金。 更奇妙的是,他也和我一起观看[千金百分百]。 起初,我以为那是韩国剧的魅力,后来才愕然发现他是因为退休后没事做,太闷了!






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New tuition assignment

Yeah, I've got a new tuition assignment and TODAY is the first lesson. It's my first assignment where the parent bargain the fee with me. The mother compares my fee with the previous tuition teacher, then ask me to charge lower if her daughter comes to my house etc… She is a business women, must be a very successful one.

Anyway, her daughter is a very good girl, and thanks to her previous tuition teacher, her foundation is not that poor. Hope I can pull up her grades. => 

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Sore throat

Falling sick… terrible sore throat after I ate 4 pieces of peanut-butter biscuits…

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Ouran Host Club is so entertaining that I bought the manga…

Its the Kino 20% discount season and I seize this opportunity to buy 7 books!

Yes, Ouran High School Host Club manga volume 1-7. Ha ha… yeah, think I'm crazy. Leslie tried very hard to discourage me from wasting my money on mangas but I just couldn't resist, like a drug addict.  

The anime follows quite closely with the manga, of course the anime is more funny and entertaining than the manga because the way the characters speak is funny. 


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Please… Master

If you are an embedded engineer, I’m sure you will agree with me that the chip, processor, board or machine is our Master.

Yesterday, my Master, x3000, is in a very bad mood and played a trick on me (which costed me 4 hours). After leaving it in the lab for 3 days without ‘communicating’ with him, he threw his temper. (The reason why I used a ‘he’ and not a ‘she’ is because this system of mine is extremely big and heavy and it produces a roaring noise when the power is turned on.) He produced an unexpected low output power despite the fact that I have not changed my code or settings. I restarted the system, tighten the wires here and there, reload, rollback etc… none of these helped. Until I began to doubt myself and began to go through my codes again and again, though I was quite certain that there is no way to change the output power through coding.

After 4 hours, I gave up. Switched off everything and planned to let another colleague of mine take over the system. (Since we are time-sharing the system) I complained to my team-mate and he was kind enough to help me. He requested to see the output. So once again, I boot it up and ….. walau… the output power has returned to its normal level!

Conclusion is… either he is angry with me or he needed time to cool down.

The project manager for my next project consoled me that I will not have this problem with his project. The next project will be getting in a compact improvisation of x3000, known as x4000. Ha… I ‘ve got another Master.

Ok… now back to serve my Master.

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For once I wish I stayed in the North

Eversince the sat match (England), which I watched with a group of friends at a cafe at Chjimes, I had developed some interest in watching soccer. Now I know what is offside and the “C” stands for ‘captain’ and not ‘center’…

But I can’t receive any signal, be it from Malaysia or Indonesia…


June 13, 2006 at 7:15 am 3 comments

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