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Down down down

Work is getting boring, for this month. Integrating with other people actually means helping to test their code with my code. I am like on call from 9am to 6pm, everytime they made changes to their code, I will be called upon to run the application. Hope this stage will get over soon. Looking forward to new projects, learning new platform and coding other modules.

Besides that, my Master is on the rocks. My supposedly research topic has to be changed. Another research organisation are planning to launch that product next year. So I got to look for another topic. Both my boss and supervisors are leaving that task to me. Heh, if I know what to research on, I would have taken my phd last year.

Then my boss really disturbed my peaceful and simple mind by suggesting that I might want to apply for the company's scholarship to take my Master overseas. Taking scholarship is a NO NO for me. I dun want to be bonded for more than 1 year. US is out, (at the moment),dun feel like studying for GRE. My first choice now is in fact Japan. But sadly, the application deadline for their scholarship is end of this month, which is way too rush. So if I were to go for it next year, that means I will give up my NTU master half way? How should I tell my boss??? (NTU master is using project fund) 

Sigh… sianz.  

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Doumeki’s voice = Zoro = Mugen = Karasu!

In the anime xxxHOLiC, I am particularly attracted to the character Doumeki, the friend of Watanuki who is constantly protecting him. I like Doumeki’s personality and voice. I find his voice very familiar, very much like the swordman, Zoro, in One Piece.

And yes, I am right! Doumeki’s voice is by Kazuya Nakai, who also voiced as Zoro. Interestingly, he is Mugen in Samurai Champloo and Karasu in Noein!!! All these are my favourite characters in that anime. Yeah, I think I have become a fan of him liao.

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xxxHOLiC – by CLAMP

Introducing a new anime xxxHOLiC (pronounced -holic as in alcoholic, as the ‘xxx’ denotes a variable), from the famous CLAMP manga.

About the title
It has an interesting title, widely accepted that in the ‘HOLiC’ part, each letter is capitalized except for the ‘i’. In the original Japanese title, the ‘xxx’ are not letters at all but multiplication signs. In Japan a cross is used to indicate a relationship or crossover between things. The title refers to the addictions or compulsions that many of the characters suffer from, and also the theme of their relationships with objects.

About the plot

The leading male character, Watanuki Kimihiro(四月一日君尋) is a high school student who is continually plagued by supernatural monsters and spirits which are magically attracted to him. These creatures are invisible to all but himself. Interestingly, his name is also an obvious reference to his date of birth, April 1st, two key bits of information that will inevitably give someone the power to discover everything about him (from his name) and control his destiny (based on his birthday). This is one of the recurring theme of CLAMP works. On top of this, the D.O.B April 1st is also the D.O.B of Sakura Kinomoto in Cardcaptor Sakura and Syaoran’s in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

The other leading character is Ichihara Yūko (壱原侑子), a witch of many names and esoteric reknown. She offers to grant Watanuki’s wish to be rid of his ability to see spirits. However, a price equal to the power required to grant the wish must be paid. So Yūko forced Watanuki to perform housework and odd jobs until he has done enough work for his wish to be granted.

Another recurring theme in xxxHOLiC is hitsuzen, the idea that an action is inevitable because without it, other related events in the future could not happen. (sounds like the butterfly effect right). According to this idea, all decisions and actions are related, and there can be no coincidence, only hitsuzen. One thing to note is Hitsuzen has been mentioned in Cardcaptor Sakura by Kaho Mizuki as she remarks that “there are no coincidences, only hitsuzen“.

The style of drawing is like rather unique. All characters are drawn like “stick man”, long and slim. There’s also quite a bit of humour in it. I’ve only watched 2 episodes, and it has given me enough motivation to carry on watching it.

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Why Google is obsessed with mathematics

There is an interesting report about Google in The Economist magazine this week so I decided to share with you.

On the highway leading to Silicon Valley, there is a billboard that read : "{first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e}.com" The number in question is 7427466371, which is the 101st to 110th digit of e, the base of the natural logarithm. Those who managed to work this out and made it to the right website are then greeted with another riddle. Solving it will led them to another webpage where they were invited to submit their CV. Google is obsessed with mathematics!

On top of this, in 2004 when Google filed the regulatory documents for its stockmarket listing, it planned to raise $2,718,281,828, which is $e billion to the nearest dollar. A year later, it filed again to sell another batch of shares – precisely 14,159,265,which represents the first 8 digits after the decimal in the number pi (3.14159265)

There is a reason why Google is so obsessed with mathematics. Mr Brin and Mr Page (the founders of Google) realised that the chaos of the internet (chunks of information) had an implicit mathematical order. By counting, weighing and calculating the link structures between web pages, Google is able to return search results more relevant than those of any other search engine. 

Amazing right! 

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Mushishi – Another interesting anime

 Mushishi is an anime adopted from a manga which is one of the award winning works in the 2003 Japan Media Arts Festival.

The reason for the award is (taken from the internet) :

"This comic book depicts with fine feeling the world of good old Japan where nature was thriving everywhere. Rain and snow falling over a village located deep in the mountains, people and animals living quietly veiled with a drifting fog and morning haze, and strange insects half-hidden among them. The author's accurate description and expression irresistibly engage readers into her unreal, fantastic world."

The kranji for Mushi-shi is 蟲師。Mushi, defined in the anime, are like primitive life forms which cannot be seen by normal people. Ginko, the mushishi, is borned with the ability to see these mushis and travels around to treat people who are suffering from strange illness caused by mushis. Each episode is an one-off story about Ginko, who acts as a mediator between humans and Mushi. He is unable to stay at a place for long as he attracts mushi. The story slowly reviews why one of his eye is blind, why he is constantly travelling and why his hair is white. 

It's a very peaceful anime, with some tension and humour now and then.

SoundTrack Cover


Another point to note is its sound track! The background is extremely soothing… I'm determine to buy the sound track!

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Cannot see the subtitle

If you had downloaded Rescue Wing from "yu" fansub, you might encounter the problem of subtitles not coming out. I did some search around anime blogs and found this link.

My recommendation is to watch the anime using Media Player Classic (MPC). Take special note that filters such as AVI, Matroska, MP4, Ogg Source Filters are disabled.


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Just watched Rescue Wing episode 5-7. I must say its the best! I really like it a lot. Highly recommended.
It talks about the dilemmas and challenges of a pilot in a air rescue team. The uncertainty in continuing this career due to the harsh training and heavy responsibility of the job. The guilt faced by the rescue crew when they failed to save the victim. The mixed feelings when the victim may be disabled even if he survived. The regret and guilt faced by the survivor when his partner died in the same mission and etc.

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