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“We seek your understanding”

If anyone of you watched a movie at any GV cinemas this month, you will receive the $2.50 off voucher. But had anyone of you use it yet? FYI, the voucher is valid till 27 April (yes it's TODAY!). 

Lastsplash and I wanted to watch MI3, which will be out 3 May. We read through all the small and large prints on the voucher and found no condition that states that this voucher cannot be used for advance purchasing of tickets. So I decided to try my luck yesterday.

When it's my turn, I saw the big sign at the ticketing booth that says:


Kindly note that the voucher can only be used for the following movies.

Ice Age2       XXX         XXX (such a ulu show that I can't remember the title)

We seek your understand in this. 


What's the use of issuing the voucher but restricting its use? I was quite pissed off with it. — tore the vouchers into many pieces.

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The long awaited presentation was over!

From the 6th April, postponed to the 18th, then to 25th… 

As early as last month, I was told to give a one-day training+demo to a few engineers from another company. I was quite worried because the content of the training is rather dry. Afterall, I had spent almost 2 months reading up, 3 months developing and debugging and went for various technical and platform-specific training. The pre-requisite for this training is rather demanding. Nevertheless, the engineers from this company wanted to have a brief overview of this work.

To my surprise, around 10 engineers turned up. I was very grateful to my colleague who helped me answered a few questions during my presentation. Boss was there to help me out as well. => It was a one-way communication as expected. I did not get much questions but a few visual feedbacks (blank faces and 'I give up already. Carry on please.' nods) As the engineers came from various background, a mix of hardware and software, it was understandable that they had no clue what I was saying. 

Fortunately, the later part of the presentation includes demo and system design which were more interesting and applicable to them. 

Then again, who cares what they think. It's over! Yeah.

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よみがえる空 – Rescue Wings

Another new anime!

In contrast to the previous anime which I recommended (Ouran high school host club), Rescue Wings is a matured anime. Its conversations and content are quite realistic and there are no stupid jokes in this anime. The graphics of Rescue Wings are drawn with visible efforts. The helicopters and plane in the anime are modelled on real vehicles used by the Rescue team (also known as Rescue Wings) in Japan. The role of Rescue Wings is to rescue people who are trapped due to airplane accidents or earthquakes etc.

The first episode was quite boring and slow-paced but don't give up. The next few episodes make me hooked to it! I am quite impressed by how organized and composed the Japanese are in times of earthquake.

The story revolved around Uchida Kazuhiro, who is a new helicopter pilot. However what he really wanted to be was a fighter pilot. During the pilot training, he was transferred to the rescue helicopter course. He works for the Komatsu Rescue Squad whose mission is only rescue. During an earthquake rescue mission, he failed to save a girl and became depressed…

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Ouran High School Host Club – Entertaining Shoujo

New anime for the spring!


Ouran High School Host Club is highly entertaining. All the characters are beautifully drawn. If you like shoujos, I would highly recommend this anime. Ouran High School is filled with rich people with lots of free time. The Host Club is formed by a group of male students who are so free that they feel that they should entertain the female students in the school who are just as free. The storyline sounds a bit stupid so far right, but that is what's so funny about the show. The story revolved around a character Fujioka Haruhi. He is very poor but managed to enter the school with a scholarship. It seems like the students are in school to socialize and not to study. Haruhi is the only person who is serious about studying. One day he entered the host club room accidentally and broke a very expensive vase. Since he cannot afford to pay for it, he is made to work in the host club as servant. Later, the president of the host club, Tamak, realised that he is quite good looking and gave him a total make-over. Haruhi then worked as a host to repay his debts.

When I first watched this anime, I thought it was about high school gays, since all the main characters are guys. Then there was a twist! Haruhi is a girl!

Haruhi male vs Haruhi female

Tamaki, realised that Haruhi is actually a female and was very disturbed about it. The story goes on with ample of jokes as Tamaki slowly fell in love with Haruhi.

Warning: This is a typical shoujo, if you are looking for intellectual content, this is not your cup of tea.

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Reasons for my migration from blogspot to wordpress are:

1. Always unable to blog in office.

2. Like the "category" feature of wordpress

3. Bored. Want a change.  

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