Pasta Fork

Wow, a fork for pasta. It has an extra thumb to prevent the pasta from rolling down and a wavy side for better grip.

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It’s going to be tough finding a job

During my Jap class last night, we had a mini discussion about the number of foreigners in our company. To my surprise, 6/10 expressed that there are about 80% of foreigners in the company. (Mine is one of them.) Wow…. isn’t that scary? So where are all the Singaporeans? I would guess that most of them are working in government sectors or stat boards…

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Bakuman – Worthed Reading

From the creators of Death Note:  “Bakuman”

The only similarity between Death Note and Bakuman is the “New” ingredient in both manga. Unlike most mangas, Bakuman has a refreshing theme. The series follows talented artist Moritaka Mashiro and aspiring writer Akito Takagi, two ninth grade boys who team up to become manga artist.

Read online that its anime is coming up in fall 2010. Looking forward to that!

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The JetStar Challenge

Must be quick! Super quick! It’s only a difference and minutes and the tickets are gone!

Fortunately, tickets to phuket booked, but sadly on different flights.

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Darker than Black Season 2

One of my favourite anime Darker than Black is back! Season 2 is out. After watching 3 episodes, I was quite disappointed. Season 2 seems to drift away from the main character Li. There are a lot more new characters there instead which confuses me. Maybe I’m not being fair since I’ve only watched 3 episodes. Of course, I will continue to watch this anime, it’s the only anime I’m following now…

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Fighting with the cockroach

We had our first encounter with the cockracher at our house last night!

It was horrible! It escaped under our bed, but we were persistent. Dear dear “jumped” on the bed, knocking here and there, spraying almost half a can of insecticide under the bed. Finally it crawled out!

But we were too late again, we did not get the newspapers in time to smack it. It crawled back in.

Another 5-10 mins of spraying and jumping on the bed. Probably the cockroach has crawled out and hiding at a corner of the room… so we divert our attention to the curtains. Sure enough it was hiding there. This time, dear dear smacked it with newspapers, with just enough strength so as not to dirty our floor.

Finally… we can have a peaceful sleep.

November 10, 2009 at 5:35 pm 1 comment

Our wedding!

Brothers and sisters: Thank you soooo much for helping us. I had a lot of fun that day!

Friends: Thanks for coming to the banquet and celebrating this special day with us.

Links to the photo montage as well as the wedding highlights can be found Leslie’s blog.

October 8, 2009 at 5:42 pm 1 comment

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